October 23, 2021

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Watch astronauts hold their own Summer Olympics in space with zero-g synchronized swimming and more

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Astronauts on the International Space Station held their own summer Olympics in orbit over the weekend with a cosmic closing ceremony that capped days of weightless synchronized swimming, sharpshooting and even a new sport: “no-handball.”

The Expedition 65 astronauts celebrated the close of the Tokyo Olympics and the next summer Olympics in France in 2024 with a unique handover between Akihiko Hoshide (representing his home country of Japan) and Thomas Pesquet (representing France).

As shown on Pesquet’s Twitter feed over the last few days, Hoshide first handed over a small Olympic flag to Pesquet inside Japan’s Kibo laboratory module in a symbolic passing of the torch for the summer games. The two astronauts shook hands. Pesquet then left the small flag floating while Hoshide pulled out an even larger one, with the Olympics symbol on the front and “Paris 2024” on the back. The astronauts then “blasted off” towards the ceiling of Kibo, leaving the Paris 2024 logo floating, facing the camera.

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Astronauts on the International Space Station celebrate Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2021. (Image credit: Thomas Pesquet)

But what looked like even more fun was some of the sports in which the space team engaged, as shown on Pesquet’s Twitter feed. 

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