December 8, 2021

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Video of Richard Branson’s desert bike ride was recorded before Unity 22 launch day, Virgin Galactic clarifies

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A Virgin Galactic video of founder Richard Branson’s bike ride ahead of his launch into space on the company’s Unity 22 mission in New Mexico this week was actually recorded and did not occur on the same day as the flight, the company clarified today..

The video showed Branson, who is famous for athletic activities, riding a bike toward Spaceport America near the town of Truth and Consequences, New Mexico. That was the site where Virgin Galactic VSS Unity spaceliner safely took off and landed with Branson and five other crew members aboard on Sunday (July 11) in a milestone test flight for the company. A caption on the video suggested that it happened “Earlier Today” and it was noted by webcast commentators, but that was an error, Virgin Galactic said. 

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