October 23, 2021

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Hubble Space Telescope sidelined by issue with its 1980s computer

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June 13, 2021, the Hubble Space Telescope shut down after an issue with a 1980s-era payload computer. Team members continue to work on the issue to get the telescope operational once again.  (Image credit: NASA)

NASA is working quickly to fix the Hubble Space Telescope after an issue with a 1980s-era computer on board caused the famous orbiting observatory to temporarily shut down.

The Hubble Space Telescope, which in 2020 marked its 30th year in orbit, halted operations on Sunday (June 13) just after 4 p.m. EDT (2000 GMT) after problems arose with one of the telescope’s computers from the 1980s. The Hubble operations team suspects that the trouble could be due to a degrading memory module, according to a NASA statement. The team is hard at work trying to correct the issue, switching to one of the telescope’s several backup modules.

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