October 22, 2021

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Boom! Studios adds to their ‘Dune’ comic lineup with new ‘Blood of the Sardaukar’

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Sure, we know it seems like an insufferably long time before we’ll be able to see director Denis Villeneuve’s (“Blade Runner: 2049,” “Arrival”) big screen take on author Frank Herbert’s “Dune” this fall, but we’ve got something that just might tide you over come summertime.

Hot on the heels of its “Dune: House Atreides” comic book series released last year, Boom! Studios has just announced “Dune: Blood of the Sardaukar #1,” a heroic, crimson-stained saga that expands the spice-laden sci-fi mythology of “Dune.” It’s adapted and scripted by New York Times bestselling authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, and illustrated by artist Adam Gorham (“The New Mutants: Dead Souls”), colorist Patricio Delpeche (“Origins”), and letterer Ed Dukeshire (“Once & Future”), all in partnership with Herbert Properties LLC.

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