December 7, 2021

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This week on the forums: A huge giveaway, an AMA, and first contact!

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In yet another busy week on the forums, we’ve got a few highlights to catch you up on. The community asks astrophysicist Joe Pesce their most burning questions. We also imagine what it would be like to be an alien. But first, we kick things off this week with our latest giveaway! 

 Own a piece of Mars! 

Own a piece of Mars with this Martian meteorite granule  pendant from the Space Store! Enter our giveaway for details. (Image credit: Space Store)

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Today, we’re launching a special giveaway. To celebrate how prevalent and fascinating Mars has been for space enthusiasts this year, we’re giving away a memorable prize. 

Thanks to our partnership with The Space Store, we’re able to offer the community a chance to win a pendant that features granules from the surface of Mars!

Score a Perseverance rover Mars 2020 patch in our new giveaway in partnership with the Space Store. (Image credit: Space Store)

Found back in 2011 as part of a meteorite that landed in Morocco, these fragments of the Red Planet represent a piece of science history! For more information, including Terms and Conditions as well as how to enter, head on over to this thread

 Best of this week’s AMA with Dr. Joe Pesce 

Astrophysicist Joe Pesce.

(Image credit: Joe Pesce)

One of the Space community’s favorite people was back on the forums for another AMA. As expected, we were all pretty excited to have Joe back. Here are some of the best questions asked this week:

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