December 2, 2021

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‘Clyde’s Spot’ on Jupiter has a wild new look in NASA photo

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Clyde’s Spot on Jupiter, as imaged by NASA’s Juno spacecraft in April, 2021.  (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS Image processing by Kevin M. Gill © CC BY­­)

“Clyde’s Spot,” a feature discovered on Jupiter in 2020, has a strange new look, NASA’s Juno spacecraft reveals.

The spot, discovered in 2020 by amateur astronomer Clyde Foster using his own 14-inch telescope, first appeared as an oval-shaped feature near the planet’s famous “Great Red Spot.” Two days after that discovery, NASA took an up-close look at the newfound feature with the Jupiter-orbiting Juno. Juno team members determined that the feature was “a plume of cloud material erupting above the top layers of the Jovian atmosphere,” NASA said in a statement

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