December 8, 2021

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In the light of the Super Pink Moon, look for the radiant Tycho crater

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Astrophotographer John Chumack took this image of Tycho Crater on the moon’s surface on Feb. 19, 2016.  (Image credit: John Chumack/

If you look up at the Super Pink Moon this Monday (April 26), don’t expect to see anything rosy — this full moon is named after a flower, the wild ground phlox, which proliferates during April and has a distinctive pinkish coloration. But with binoculars, you may be able to spot a magnificent lunar feature.

While most amateur and professional astronomers detest a full moon because its dazzling light blots out all but the brightest stars, the lunar disk appears flat and one-dimensional, and its topography is hard to distinguish, there is one feature that appears at its best during a full moon: Tycho, a crater named after Tycho Brahe, a 16th-century Danish nobleman, astronomer and writer known for his accurate and comprehensive astronomical observations.

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